Lizzy’s Fund was created in April of 2012 by her family after she passed away at age 16-1/2.  Once destined to be euthanized at the age of 9, her family sought alternative medicine care for the severe orthopedic problems for which two different vets agreed that the humane thing to ease her pain was to put her down.  Her problems were so severe that only one alternative care veterinarian saw potential in treating her and felt that she could have a quality life.  Not being able to walk, the vet treated Lizzy with adequan injections into her joints.  After one treatment, she was able to bear weight on her back legs, after two treatments, she was walking, and after three treatments, she was running!

Lizzy lived another 7-1/2 quality years, enjoying her family, her sibling Collie canine, and was an active, happy member of the family.  When Lizzy passed away at age 16-1/2, the seed was planted to develop something to help other dog owners learn about all the options for quality care for their senior canines.

In 2012, Lizzy’s Fund became associated with a local animal shelter and provided all vet, dental, grooming, and alternative care for their senior dogs.  It also provided adoptive parents with a welcome home kit and paid for the pets’ adoption fees.  Over the course of four years, Lizzy’s Fund produced over $80,000 of contributions for the care of the shelters senior population.

In 2016, the founders of Lizzy’s Fund decided to broaden and expand the Fund, and allowing it to reach and help more senior dogs in need.