What a great night for Lizzy’s Fund! The Fund was a not-for-profit chosen to host the bake sale at the July 6th Naperville Municipal Band Concert.  The concert is a 150-year-old summer tradition in Naperville.  Over 1,000 people attended the concert and in addition to the baked goods, 25 copies of “Sophie…best friends are forever” were given away to people that made significant donations to Lizzy’s Fund.  It was a “win-win” for the charity as well as the senior dogs it supports.

The total added to Lizzy’s Fund for the evening was $3,624. 

Mission Statement

Lizzy’s Fund was established to help senior dogs (aged 7 and older) Through a multi-faceted approach to medical care, education, and emergency care. The Fund intends to assist approved agencies to care for senior dogs whether that care is during intake or at shelters.

Lizzy’s Fund was established to provide veterinary care and grooming for older dogs coming to the shelter. The fund also underwrites the adoption fee for qualified owners choosing to adopt a senior dog (7 years and older).

The fund was named after Lizzy who came to her owners, the Slupik family, at six weeks of age on Valentine’s Day 1993. She was a long-haired Chihuahua who lived a rich, 16+ years in her loving home. Lizzy was a saucy, little four pounds of fun. She was opinionated yet affectionate, demanding yet always willing to please. Her favorite activities included watching baseball on T.V., going for a car ride, pushing her much larger Collie sister around, snoozing on the couch, and eating homemade chicken soup.

She encountered several significant health problems during her lifetime, but her owners went to great lengths to care for her and pay her back for the love and companionship that she afforded them. At age nine, Lizzy sustained some severe orthopedic problems and there was uncertainty whether she would recover. Not only did she recover, she lived seven more productive years after receiving her “second chance” at a ripe old age of 9. After Lizzy passed away, her owners wanted to help other people feel the joy that their dear Lizzy brought to their lives.