Jasper’s story…from sad to glad!

We would like to share the story of Jasper. A stray running loose who owners did not want to claim him, he was picked up by the local Animal Control. Jasper was in such dire shape that his survival seemed questionable. The story starts with the rescue group getting involved. Without ever giving up on this poor soul, the rescue soon realized that Jasper’s expenses were far beyond their available funds. They then reached out to Lizzy’s Fund for help. THIS IS THE TYPE OF SITUATION THAT LIZZY’S FUND HANDLES, the senior dogs that need our help the most….

STEP 1, The rescue and request for help…..

Hi Lizzy’s Fund,

I’m writing to you about one of our current dogs: Jasper. Recently, a local shelter contacted Collie Rescue of Greater IL about very sick collie. The shelter vet was adamant that we pick up this boy the same day and she feared he won’t survive another day there…One of our wonderful volunteers dropped everything and within an hour they were there. Jasper was so weak he needed to be put in a car and taken out… This poor dog was running a fever and his skin smelled like rotting flesh…After a thorough examination the vet found all his feet were in horrible condition, oozing wounds and literately flesh filling off. The vet put him IV fluids, strong antibiotics and he was placed in an ICU. The infection in his feet has spread through his body and he had sepsis. The vet didn’t know if Jasper will make it but we all didn’t want to give up on him

The above pictures were taken two weeks after treatment began. Initial pictures cannot be displayed due to their graphic nature

STEP 2, The healing begins…

Thank goodness the medication started working and Jasper was able to walk on his own! His skin was starting to heal as well but we knew it will be a long road to a fully recovery. His bandages had to be changed several times a day and he needed more antibiotics. We were thrilled when the vet finally said that Jasper’s will be OK! This was the news we were hoping for!

After a long stay at the vet, today Jasper went to his temporary foster home where his bandages must to be changed every 2-3 days. We are blessed to have such dedicated staff at Animal House Veterinary Hospital.

Would Lizzy’s Fund be able to help Collie Rescue with the medical expenses?

Best regards,
Collie Rescue of Greater IL

STEP 3, The happy ending …

Lizzy’s Fund is very proud to have been able to pay for the care of this wonderful dog. Jasper’s story has a very happy ending. Recovered from his infections, he is now healthy, happy and has been adopted by a wonderful family that loves him very much. We would like to give thanks to Animal House Veterinary Hospital clinic in St. Charles for their generous discounts to his care and to Collie Rescue of Greater IL for never giving up on this wonderful boy…


Jasper’s story in his own words

Dear People,
My name is Jasper and I’ve always been a good boy. I had no idea what I’d done SO naughty to end up in the scary, loud place where I was taken. I tried to look at the bright side, but I felt terrible. Dirty, matted and cold, I didn’t know if I would make it. I had such terrible pain in my feet and legs. It just got worse every day, until finally my entire body ached. One day I couldn’t walk. I was weak and didn’t feel like eating. I wondered if my end was near. Dr. Dines, the Veterinarian at the shelter, said I was very sick and needed to be transported out of that place ASAP. I needed so much more help than her shelter could give.

One day, a nice lady named Mary from Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois (CRGI) picked me up. She put me gently in her car and took me on a very long drive. Eventually we ended up at a place called Animal House.

This place wasn’t as loud as the last place, but it was scary too. The people said I needed a haircut. I had no idea what that meant, but I found out pretty quick! They ran a strange thing all over my body that made a funny noise and vibrated. I could see all my fur dropping from my body leaving me one very bald collie. I felt so light and I could feel the air against my skin. Then the people placed me in a strange enclosure with hard walls. Warm water flowed all over me and then they put some bubbly lotion on me and rubbed me all over. The water coming from me was brown at first, but it eventually ran off clean.

The people had very worried expressions on their faces when they looked at my legs and feet. They were painful, but so were my teeth. All the while, they spoke to me in soft and reassuring voices. I was too exhausted to fight them even though it all hurt so badly. I had no choice but to trust them.

All those people were really nice, especially a sweet person name Jenna. She cleaned and bandaged my feet and legs every day. I could tell, Jenna really liked me so I trusted her.

Little by little, I felt better. I was given lots of medication and my appetite eventually came back. My feet began to feel better and I could stand without too much pain. My fur began to grow back. I was given the most luxurious and comfortable bed any dog could ever wish for. Being clean was wonderful! I highly recommend it…because people wanted to pet me once I smelled so good! More than one per-son has even called me handsome. Dr. Dine has even called to check up on me. She must have remembered how I tried so hard to be a good boy.

Life is better now because Jenna took me to where she lives. I’m taking my good old time to nudge everybody with my nose. That’s just so they’ll notice what a good boy I am. I cannot get enough loving! Jenna loves me and I love her. I have toys now and I play. I can hold a toy in my mouth and bark at the same time. That’s tal-ent!

I know I’m a good boy because Jenna said so and she told a nice family who came to visit me. Jenna told me I was going to be adopted. I’m not sure what that means, but it must be a good thing because I have 2 little girls to look after me and two doggie friends to play with. I have a mom and dad too who love me very much. I feel great and my feet and legs feel so much better now too.

I got lucky and I know it’s because I am a very good boy. I’m REALLY lucky to have a special friend. She’s a little dog named Lizzy who’s become my angel. She’s no longer on Earth, but her legacy lives on because Lizzy helps dogs like me who are older and in trouble through her foundation, Lizzy’s Fund. Being sick was really sad and hard for a homeless dog, BUT when Lizzy’s Fund generously stepped up and covered ALL my medical bills, I was so happy.

I don’t worry anymore. Finally, somebody noticed what a good boy I am. All my new friends thought I was worth saving. Did I mention I play now and I can actually RUN?

• I have something I want to say to my angel, Lizzy:
“I’ve been told ALL dogs go to Heaven, so I hope you are up there watching me down here living a better life! Lizzy, THANK YOU!”

Thanks to my transporter Mary Zwirn, Dr. Dines, all the good people at Animal House, Jenna my foster mom, Sandy Prisby my petsitter, and all the good people from CRGI.