Ted and Bernie Slupik live in Naperville with their two dogs, Pixie, 7  (a Zelicaon Papillion) and Rosebud, 3  (a Rough Coated Collie).  They have had multiple dogs over thirty years, each with their own personalities and habits.  Each dog was cherished for their own uniqueness.  Their first dog, Brownie (a rescue Jack Russell mix from the pound), lived almost 13 years and was a bouncy, loyal family member.  Lizzy (a long haired Chihuahua) was a pet store misfit who lived over sixteen years.  Lizzy’s later years proved to Ted and Bernie that, through alternative medical treatment, they were afforded Lizzy’s love and companionship far longer than any traditional care expected.  It was then that the idea for Lizzy’s Fund was formed.  Their next dog was Sophie (a Rough Coated Collie), also a reject that turned into an amazing certified therapy dog.  With alternative medical care in her later years, Sophie was able to continue with her animal assisted therapy work far longer than anyone expected.  Ted now tests and observes new handlers and their dogs on their way to become certified teams.   Both Ted and Bernie are approved certified therapy dog handlers and visit local nursing homes with Pixie and Rosebud


Lizzy’s Fund is a Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works with various organizations to care for senior dogs, aged seven and older.  This care extends to awarding grants to licensed animal shelters and rescue groups to help promote quality vet, dental, and even hospice care for older dogs through traditional and non-traditional integrative medicine treatments.  In addition to awarding grants, Lizzy’s Fund selects worthwhile qualified shelters and animal clinics to receive donations from the Fund for specific needs and enhancements to their services.

In addition to the above care, Lizzy’s Fund is actively pursuing developing relationships with and the development of foster care networks for senior dogs.

Additionally, Lizzy’s Fund has created a network of healthcare specialists to care for senior dogs either in a shelter or foster care to create specific treatment plans to ensure that the dogs are able to spend their senior years healthy, pain-free, and happy while they are searching for their forever homes.  For more information, email us at info@lizzysfund.org.